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Animorphs Icontest

Together We Fight

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Note: All rules, tips, and comments are subject to change as I get the hand of moderating this community!

Welcome to the Animorphs Icontest! This community is devoted to promoting creativity within the Animorphs community. How does it work?

Each Monday, the mod will post two themed contests. Participants have until Friday at midnight (EST) to submit up to three icons for each theme. Sometime on Saturday morning, voting will begin. Anyone can vote. Voting will end on Sunday at midnight (EST). The top three in each theme will be announced on Monday, along with the next week's two themes.

Going to be late?
If for some reason you've been working really hard on an icon but you're going to have to get it in a little late, please e-mail me to discuss. I won't accept any icons past Friday at midnight (that is, Friday night at 11:59 pm-ish), unless you've talked to me about it. No exceptions!

Never made icons before?
Never fear! Participating in a contest like this is a great way to hone your skills--to see what sort of things work, what sort of things don't. It's great practice, and we won't laugh at you.

1. All icons must comform to Livejournal's icon standards--that is, no more than 100x100 pixels or 40k.
2. No icons rated over PG-13, please. If you have a question about an icon, ask the mod.
3. All icons must be the artist's original work.
4. Voting for yourself is prohibited, as is voting for yourself using a duplicate account.
5. Don't steal other people's icons for personal use. If you see an icon that you particularly like, you should contact its maker to ask if you can use it. If the icon maker's name isn't specified, please contact the mod to find out the maker's account name.
6. All voting is done anonymously to prevent anything weird happening. As a result of this, please don't use your icon or display it anywhere but here until the winners are announced.

How do I make my icon?
There are a number of products out there that will allow you to edit images. If you don't want to pay for one, try downloading GIMP. (Just google "GIMP" and you should find it)

How do I submit?
After you make the icon, comment in the contest announcement thread with the html tag displaying the image as well as the web address at which the image can be found. All comments will be screened, so no one will be able to see your entries except for you and the mod.

Also! Feel free to submit contest ideas. If you have a great one, send it my way!

Note: Yes, some of the bases for image-themed contests will come from the Animorphs TV show. Love it or hate it, it is still one of the best places to go to get Animorphs images that people will recognize. If that offends you, sorry.

More questions?
This community is moderated by kleenexcow, e-mail KleenexCow@hotmail.com. Send any questions/comments/suggestions/shoutouts in that direction.

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