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Sorry this is late. My college is really small (800 people!) and so,… - Animorphs Icontest [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Apr. 9th, 2006|11:03 am]
Animorphs Icontest


Sorry this is late. My college is really small (800 people!) and so, when something crashes, like say, the internet, response time is pretty slow. I lost internet access and didn't get it back until sometime yesterday, but I was gone all afternoon and evening.

So. I only got three entries for Homer. I also didn't get any more battle morphs entries. So, I'm going to scrap both. And I'm going to start a new competition right now, to give you guys a little more time. Hopefully this one will inspire more of you. To enter, reply to this thread. All comments will be screened.

Contest #2: Tobias and Rachel
Make up to three icons that have something to do with the relationship between Tobias and Rachel. These icons can be all text, no text, quotes, animation, etc. You can use images from AniTV, or you can use images from other places, so long as the icon clearly has something to do with R/T. If people request them, I can find images, but I recommend Getty Images. All icons have to adhere to the livejournal specifications for icon size.

Have fun!