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[Apr. 2nd, 2006|08:24 pm]
Animorphs Icontest


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As just a reminder, voting is going to continue until tomorrow night. Anyone can vote! The voting thread is here.

Before I announce the new contest, I'd like to ask everyone to head over to the user profile section of this community to check out the rules. If you've already done so, do it again. After my first trial and error week, I've added a few new rules/procedures:

1. Submission will be done differently this week, based on feedback I received. You will submit your entries by commenting to this thread. All comments will be screened, so only you and I will see them. Please include in your comment the image itself and the web address at which I can find it. If you have any questions about this, please e-mail me (KleenexCow@hotmail.com).

2. Please don't use/display your icons until after voting for that contest is closed. This is to preserve anonymity in voting.

3. NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED! I allowed some late entries this time, and the last-minute revising of the poll is what caused my technical meltdown. If you postively, absolutely, have to submit a late entry, e-mail me in advance telling me when you'll have the icon in by. There's no guarantees I'll accept it late even then (especially if it's going to be more than a day late), but you have a chance, rather than none at all.

One other notable change: Due to the responses I have received, there is only going to be one new contest posted per week from now on. This week is going to have two contests, but only because I don't want to discard the Battle Morphs entries. So, without further ado:

Contest #2: Battle Morphs
Original contest thread here. Once again, THIS CONTEST IS STILL OPEN. I only need one more submission until I will post this contest, but I'll take however many I y'all want to send me (only up to three per person, of course). If I don't have enough entries by the end of the week, this contest will be discontinued.

Contest #3: Homer
Based on a suggestion by _thelady_. He's practically a minor charater in his own right, he was one of the first morphs, and he's absolutely adorable. Therefore, this contest is devoted to him. Make an icon featuring Homer. You may use any picture of a dog that looks like him, but this picture (courtesy of AniTV and screencapped by _thelady_) is recommended.
Image hosting by Photobucket
Any and all text is allowed. Animation is allowed, so long as the icon still adheres to livejournal's standards. Up to three icons per person are allowed.

That's it. Have fun!
And keep voting in the current contest!

[User Picture]From: _thelady_
2006-04-03 01:59 am (UTC)

Wow, I was joking, but yay! Want me to collect some more caps of the little guy?
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[User Picture]From: kleenexcow
2006-04-03 02:27 am (UTC)
Dogs are a weakness of mine. :) Also, I thought it was too soon to do another character. And I wanted to show I would actually listen to suggestions!

Sure, if you get more caps, that would be cool.
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